Monday, January 19, 2009

As a Responsible citizen what can be ease the Traffic problem?

Forwarded message sent by Vijay C (These info's are collacted from net and fine tuned by him)..


Being a responsible citizen and support that we have to make tons of changes to improve the conditions; I think what can be done to improve the situation right today till we find a long lasting solution from Govt end.

First of all instead of complaining, can we do something different? Yes we can if we all think we are one among the first persons to adhere to basic norms right away and we will not break the norms at any cost, and then consider the following:

1. Rashness of the Taxi/Call Center/Company vehicle drivers.

Here is the deal:

When we are a passenger in the vehicle, we push him to go a little faster. Reason, we have to reach the office on time.

What can we do?

·          Can we leave a little early?

·          Can we raise our voice and be firm with the driver and instruct him to obey the rules?

·          Can we tell him not to pick us up right at the intersection and road turns?

·          Can we tell him to pick us up at a place which will not cause any impact on the traffic?

If we are the transportation coordinator, blame them for late arrival,

What can we do?

·          Can we give the driver a few more minutes and adjust the timings appropriately?

·          Can we firmly instruct the driver NEVER TO STOP AT INTERSECTIONS, TURNS etc for any employee?

Can we expect at least who read this blog to follow at least few of the norms?

Sure we can, if we want to make this city a better place!


2. Two wheeler nightmare.

When we drive our bike, we assume that the vehicle we are trying to pass is stationary and weave our way and come in front. At places where there is a bottleneck, we want to squeeze our way and make sure we have contributed to the jam a little more. Why do we think that the whole road – length and breadth is only for us? Why do we think we can overtake only on the left? We got to prove to the other drivers that we are the greatest driver? We are the riskiest driver?

Can we change? What can we do?

·          Can we obey traffic rules?

·          Can we stop driving on the pavements and sidewalks?

·          Can we make sure that I will not jump lights?

Sure we can if we want to make the roads safer!

3. Auto driver Menace

We agree some fellows are crazy drivers. But as a passenger can we make the difference? What can we do?

·          Instead of pushing the driver to go fast and quick, Can we raise our voice and let him know that he better obey traffic rules?

·          Can we tell him not to overtake on the left?

·          Can we tell him not to cut and squeeze through areas of traffic jams and contribute more to the problem?

4. Working from home

Now a sizable portion of the IT folks have broadband at home and with the falling prices of PCs and Internet are definitely affordable – at least for the Software professionals! We love to hit the road and then complain later. If only all of us can avoid 10% travel, there will be 10% less traffic on the road! Same thing for those complaining of bottlenecks on main thoroughfares during peak hours. With the advent and progress of technology, can we not use it to our benefit?

·          Can we not use the gadgets like telephones, internet and computers to avoid unnecessary travel?

·          We ourselves want to visit a person and complete a transaction, when it can be done just over a phone or email. Why?

·          Why can’t we resort to telecommuting?

·          So why can’t we encourage telecommuting and working from home at least one day a week?

So why not introduce such methods rather than complaining of Congestions on Hosur Road, ITPL, Airport road and soon?

Are the IBM, HP, Infosys, Wipro, Satyam, Cognizant, Tata, TCS, Intel listening? 

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bangalore Traffic do we have sollutions?

Here is my post to Honorable Home Minister of Karnataka. If you can suggest any good sollutions or alternatives to this suggestion we can take it up to Honorable Home Minister. Please do the needful...


Honorable Home Minister,

I am pleased to introduce myself as Dhruva Kumar Avadhany, Managing Director of a fledgling software firm, Samartha InfoSolutions. With respect to the vehicular traffic situation with Bangalore city, I have a suggestion that we had implemented in one of our erstwhile organization's (HP) parking lot, for controlling the number of vehicles to be parked, thereby overcoming the limitation of parking sp ace and this scheme has worked very well.

What we have done is, we have disallowed certain vehicles on the basis of the last digit of its registration number, on specific working days. This has helped reduce around 20% of vehicles on each day and saved a lot of fuel to individuals and to the nation. And more importantly, it helped provide parking space for the rest. The system goes like this. We use to work 5 days a week. Vehicles with Registration Numbers ending with 1 and 2, are not allowed on Mondays. Similarly 3 & 4 on Tuesdays, 5 & 6 on Wednesdays and so on. Since we have peak traffic on these working days we can apply the same technique to all the private vehicles that are in Bangalore, provided there is no legal issue. Also, spreading awareness amongst our people through a media campaign and requesting them to adopt this policy, may help speedy implementation of this unique scheme.

Saying some thing is easy, but executing the same demands commitment and dedication. So let me start from my own end. My vehicle number is 2254 and I will not use my vehicle on any of the Tuesdays between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM within Bangalore urban limits. It is my small gesture to ease Bangalore Traffic. And, I further promise to inform all my friends and colleagues to take a similar step in easing our Bangalore traffic flow. Also, I humbly suggest that if we seek inputs from the general public, we may get other innovative proposals and good suggestions. This will bring to fore, the Voice of the Common Man.

Last, but not the least, I humbly request that you use your distinguished office to advise/instruct major companies, including Software Giants within Bangalore, to implement the above innovative vehicular usage policy within their organizations, in order to make a beginning.


Dhruva Kumar

for the Government and for the People.